These resources are useful for the brave souls who create and run RP for other players. Help us expand this list by submitting resources to our email or forums!


GM Tips : Geek & Sundry's Youtube show for DM/GMs, featuring fantastic advice from big RP names like Matt Mercer, Satine Phoenix, and more.

Matthew ColvilleA Youtube channel created by a very well-respected, long-time DnD player about running Tabletop games. Invaluable advice for DM/GMs can always be found here.

Obsidian Portal : A website which allows you to create wikis for your campaigns/storylines.

XDM X-treme Dungeon Mastery : A book with advanced tips on adding flavor and new perspectives to your tabletop RPGs.


Dice Rollers

Roll20 : More than just a dice roller, Roll20 allows you to create battlemats and features voice and text chat so you can play PnP games online.

Rolz : A simple and easy-to-use dice roller with rooms you can create and join.



Creativichee : A catalogue of various generators, including monster, personality, alien society generators and more.

Donjon : A catalogue of various generators, including world, name, item, encounter generators and more.

Fantasy Name GeneratorsA large catalogue with name generators for generic fantasy, specific settings, real life, and more.

Minotaur's Character Sheets : Several generators for character sheets, kingdoms, campaign planning, and more. Intended to be used for DnD and Pathfinder, but the kingdom and campaign planning generators could be useful for various games.

Plot Generator : A generator for storylines and plotlines.

Ritual Details Generator : A tool for creating magical rituals.



Minotaur's Character Sheets : While this site is mainly a generator for character sheets and such, it has several useful printouts of blank grids on which you can build battlemaps.

Old Maps Online : A catalogue of real life, historical maps.

Dungeon Painter Studio : A program that allows you to create both overland and detailed indoor maps.

Roomfull Express : A room planner that can be utilized to create indoor maps for your games.

RollforFantasy Map CreatorA simple and easy-to-use map creator for world maps.


Settings and Systems

13th Age SRD : A rules reference site for 13th Age, an alternative d20 game created by some of the developers of DnD 3e and 4e.

d20 Hero SRD : A rules reference site for the superhero tabletop game, Mutants & Masterminds.

d20 Modern WikiFind the d20 Modern SRD and homebrew content on the main page of this DnD Wiki.

Dungeon World SRD : A rules reference site for the DnD-like Kickstarter success, Dungeon World.

Sword and Wizardry SRDA rules reference site for the nostalgic game copied from the earliest Dungeons and Dragons content.

Triten : A tabletop RPG system designed to be versatile and simple in order to lower the barrier of entry for Pen and Paper RPGs.


Setting-Specific Tools

Dungeons and Dragons

3.5 Edition SRD : A rules reference site for DnD 3.5e which also includes homebrew content.

5th Edition SRD : A rules reference site for DnD 5e which also includes homebrew content.

Blog of Holding : A creative DnD blog with tons of good tips, ideas, educated opinions, and inspiration for DMs.

DnD Beyond : An intricate and useful system for character sheets, homebrew content, and more.

DnD Wiki : A wiki for 2e and up.

Dungeon Master's Guild : An online store with DnD content created by DMs like yourself. You can sell your own original DnD adventures, monsters, player classes, etc on the Dungeon Master's Guild as well.

The (Not Really) Complete Tome of SpellsA massive list of spells converted from 2e to 5e.

The Pike Horde : A Reddit thread about an alternate view of Orcish warfare.

Elder Scrolls

The Ta'agra Project : A fan-created language for the Khajiit

Middle Earth

Elven PhrasesA well-organized list of useful Elven phrases.


Pathfinder Reference Document : A rules reference site for Pathfinder.

Pathfinder SRDA rules reference site for Pathfinder which also includes homebrew content.

Star Wars

Coruscant Translator : A fan-made translator for various Star Wars languages.

The Lore Master : A Youtube channel featuring in-depth videos about Star Wars lore.



Ambient MixerAtmospheres to immerse your players.

Syrinscape : A powerful tool to mix and play sounds and music for your players.

Tabletop Audio : Music and atmospheres to immerse your players.



Epic Worldbuilding : A website focused on creating settings for RPGs and creative writing which includes many articles and resources of its own.



Brandon Sanderson Writing Course : Bestselling Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson's insightful college course on writing sci-fi and fantasy in its entirety. : A list of helpful articles regarding writing, roleplay, and worldbuilding.

Writing Excuses : The long running podcast hosted by successful authors who talk about the nitty-gritty details of writing fiction. They're all roleplayers too, so there's plenty of good advice for players and DMs as well.



Adventure ScentsAn online store where you can buy scents such as Ancient Library, Dank Dungeon, or Steam Train to enhance the atmosphere of your tabletop games.