Beyond my writing, I’ve been working on creating scenes. My goal is to create a larger, interactive map that will allow the user to click on areas of interest. Then, either a regional map, or a small scene like these will come up. I think it’s a good idea? Maybe? I know it’s been a lot of work lately, but I love it!

Truth be told, the idea of such a map came from two things: Baldur’s Gate, and my bedroom wall. One of those makes more sense than the other.

When I was younger, I used to draw on my bedroom walls. Actually, I kept doing it right into college. My poor roommates, but nothing a magic eraser couldn’t take off! I would always grab a pencil, and go at a piece of paper. Eventually, my world idea got so big that I ran off the edge of the paper. Young, teenage me looked at my bedroom wall and thought: “Well, it’s just like a really big piece of paper. Besides, it’ll erase, mom won’t be as mad.”

Luckily, my mom was not mad, and it did erase. For years, that was a piece of my decor and day-dreaming. As the toil of university and life wore on, I sort of stopped. Something about the pressures of adulting, and then momming, put that all on hold for a long while. I didn’t have the emotional energy, or vibrancy to keep up with it. Eventually, I doubted that I had the imagination for it anymore.

Well, thankfully, I have good friends and family to disavow me of that notion. So, I am back at it. I never stopped writing. Now, I just hope to keep creating more alongside my writing.

(And if you don’t have a support system to do that for you, I know a community that would!)