Halloween RP Resources


Opening Song: 2AM - More Deep Cuts (2005) - Thee More Shallows

When it begins
Sound rushes in
And drowns out everything

Sideways in bed
You cover your ears
The roar is deafening

When it won’t quit
You stagger up
And into the hall

Out there it’s louder
Somebody’s party
You start to yell

Hey buddy hey
Hey buddy please
Would you quiet down
You’re killing me
It’s 2 am
I’m trying to sleep

But the sound keeps going
’Til the walls are shaking
And no one answers
But you keep running around
And banging on doors

And it seems strange
There’s no one home
You start to wonder
Who’s making that noise
If I’m up here all alone?

Then the pitch hits
And you stop caring
Because what was piercing
Is now controlled
And there’s no who and no why
There’s no conflict
You breathe it out
You let it go
You start the song

And when you sing
the sound is gone!
And when you sing
the lights come on!
And then the doors are opened wide
And the whole hall staggers out and sings along
You rub your eyes
They come closer
It’s a party

Spiders and Vinegaroons – Kyuss/QotSA Split EP (1997) – Queens of the Stone Age

Drifting Down Streams – Howls from the Hills (2001) - Dead Meadow

Ghost of Love - Inland Empire Soundtrack (2007) - David Lynch

Let's RP With Taage - Part I

Second Song: Psyche (Flash Treatment) - Heligoland (2010) - Massive Attack

I’m looking for you in the woods tonight
I’m looking for you with my flashlight
I’m searching from in the high on down the ocean
And I pace myself in racing
Gain the wolf
Gain the wolf

Conjure me as a child
Slipping down the wet side
Stretch up I cannot reach him
Jumping up they drag him from the water
I watch them march him into life
I watch them take him from the pale
Into the sky for your eagle eye
The sun seeds a sickle and a scythe

Ridicule they won’t allow
Quench abuse and let love flower
Rip the cage out of your chest
Let the chaos fool the rest
Show without showing
What you know without knowing
Twigs snap I catch no canoe
Only you and me
Alone on the old teal sea

Dissolving who we are
Call out for yesterday’s destiny gone
We’re on a foreign shore
It was the marker falling
I was the car still running
And when you call I’ll be your shield for life
And if you feel it you’ll fly
The sunset above me
And I was set to fall in
As I was set to fall in
As I was set to fall in
As I was set to fall in

The Setting of White Falls

All of the characters live, work and/or go to school in a city called White Falls. It's a large, picturesque town in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by fir tree forests. White Falls has a thriving logging industry and is the location of the largest hospital in the region, Providence Holy. Other landmarks include a gothic cathedral and a badly run down inner city neighborhood, Helspeth, which locals sometimes call "Hellpit."

Helspeth existed as a town long before White Falls. Once a booming railroad hub in the early 1900s, the majority of the settlement was razed one night in a terrible fire.

An old urban legend describes the fire as a supernatural force called forth by Native American tribes in retaliation for their explotation as slave labor in the building of the region's railways. This "dark shamanry" was also believed to have imprisoned the residents of Helspeth within the borders of their smoldering city to helplessly burn alive. Indeed, thousands perished in the disaster, but historians point to the plentiful surrounding timber and relative dryness of the season as the factors that sealed Helspeth's fate.

Today, vagrants and the destitute occupy what remains of the slum's crumbling Victorian buildings. Helspeth is a place of suffering, and rampant crime.

You are close with the other two characters, either related to or friends with them. Recently, your mutual acquaintance Sara Littleton has gone missing. Last Sunday she told you she was meeting some friends at a nightclub out in Helspeth. A place called The Circle in a run down dancehall by the trainyard. It's Saturday, no one has seen Sara for a week, and the three of you have decided to visit the club and try to find leads on her whereabouts.


The Secret Place – Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks (1983) - Brian Eno 

The Outer Rim/Cosmonaut - Ritual Rising (2015) - Swamp Ritual

Dream Machine - Death Index

Ancients Weary – Ritual Rising (2015) - Swamp Ritual

Run Me Out - Stridulum (2010) - Zola Jesus

Claws - We Are Rising (2011) - Son Lux

Night Life in Twin Peaks – Twin Peaks Soundtrack (1990)

Night (A Landscape with Factory) - Polish Night Music (2008) - David Lynch & Marek Zebrowski

HYS - Lorn

Movement 1, Departure – Black Angels – George Crumb


'Sup RPer - Emberblue


The Raven's Eye ESO RP Shop

Spellbook – Fear of God (2011) - Big Sick 

Tribal Drum Meditation

The Slow Ascend – Raison D'etre

Tempel Och Katedral Reser Sig Ur Djupen - Ulf Söderberg


Let's RP With Taage - Part II

Third Song: The Wolf - Red Riding Hood Soundtrack (2011) - Fever Ray

Eyes black
And big claws
And it’s poison
In its blood
Big fire
Big burn
Into the ashes
Of no return

We took you right from
Your mother’s womb
Our temple
Your tomb
Can be your pick
But not pawn
The poisonous blood

We’ve been calling
Black paw who saw me
We go out in the morning
Down the trail to somewhere

You are the sound that I hear
You are the sound that I hear
We are not standing
We are falling

Movement 3Return – Black Angels – George Crumb

Easy on the Bones – Knive (2006) - Svarte Greiner

Dreel – Legacies: Works from Beast Vol. 2 (2003) - Alistair Macdonald 


Closing Song: Ghosst(s) - Ask the Dust (2012) - Lorn


"I've watched this ghost so long
It feels like home to me
We've seen him wail
He keeps his tail
Tucked in between"

Sara Littleton played by actress Christina Fountain