A crazy Goblin demolitionist and a classy zombie explore strange underground structures while Alliance veterans Cassie Gresham and Trixie Twinsmith deal with strange weirdos who have just arrived in Northrend.

Join Ma1function, Taage (aka Varlynd), Taruha, and Serestia as they navigate the treacherous wastes of Northrend with TheHumanFloyd as their Game Master!

Recorded LIVE on Twitch.tv/RPHQ

Next Episode: Saturday, May 20th  - 3pm EDT/7pm GMT

Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMcmvh5GBig

Audio Version: (coming as soon as I find a free audio-hosting site for 2+ hour files)

Opening Song: Run by Signal Room

Track 2 - Winter Woods by Tabletop Audio

Track 3 - Pilgrimage, Pilgrimage Reprise, and Haqq Al-Yaqin by Om

Closing Song: Into Darkness by Disenchanter

Into darkness we fall
Twisting writhing for the thrill of it all
On through portals we fly
Bathed in starlight beneath an indigo sky

Into darkness
We fall
Into darkness

Ever onward as one
Eclipsing life with a dying sun
Shadows veil the light
Voices fading in cold silent night

Into darkness
We fall
Into darkness

So we go into black
There’ll be no turning back
Dying light we shall mourn
’Til the sun is reborn

Into darkness we face
Entropy’s cold embrace
And in turn we learn
Our doom to return