As Gnome "Alchemist" Trixie Twinsmith finds herself all alone after a mysterious earthquake, Noibit the Goblin and Quintley Rickits the fashion-savvy Undead come across Nerubian technology which has been strangely augmented by an unexpected source...

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Video Version:

Audio Version: (coming as soon as I find a free audio-hosting site for 2+ hour files)

Opening Song: Forest - Wizzerd

In the forest
Running through the trees
In the forest
Running forever free
Blackened is the sky today
Try to find a better way
Fire is the sky today
Burning all the clouds away
In the forest
Creatures hide away
In the forest
They search for a brighter day

Track 2 - The Lake, Nature, and The Wolf Cult- World of Warcraft

Track 3 - The Hawthorne Passage - Agalloch

Track 4 - Kapila's Theme and Flight of the Eagle by Om

Track 5 - Vrykul, The Vrykul, Tuskar Troubles, and Nature - World of Warcraft

Interlude: Cremation Ghat I and II - Om

Track 6 - Cosmic Interlude I - Black Voodoo Train

Track 7 - Pilgrimage, Pilgrimage Reprise, and Haqq Al Yaqin - Om


Track 8 - Vrykul, The Vrykul, Tuskar Troubles, and Nature - World of Warcraft

Closing Song: Fear's Machine - Spirit Caravan

Man Speaks With Forked Tongue
Greed’s Hands Reek Of Tainted Blood
Empire’s Forged On Cold Deceit
The Few Choices Are Pre-Ordained
Lies And Scorn Are Pain’s Receipt
Unheard Voices Of Men Enslaved
Subtle Actions To Mislead
Calculated Program Of Despair
Religion’s Factions Control They Feed
For Strength Of Life
We Must Care!!