Howdy fellow RPers, Floyd here! As you can see I (quite randomly) went with an old-timey USA theme for this post. That's the RPHQ Crew enjoying some fresh watermelon when we were all kids growing up on the frontier (of roleplay!)


There's been a lot going on at RPHQ so I figured it was time to update everyone. Most of this applies to the forums, which have been rolling steadily along like an old covered wagon for some time. We are hoping to increase activity on the forums and so there are a lot of new features you can check out and possibly get involved in! We'll call it... the Industrious Revolution!


Bi-Weekly Poll

The first of many polls in a new series I'll be doing once every two weeks. These questions will be difficult to answer and will encourage you to look at RP in different ways. There's also plenty of room to discuss your answers with your fellow RPers!

Click  here  to vote and/or discuss! We aren't giving out 'I Voted' pins however. :P

Click here to vote and/or discuss! We aren't giving out 'I Voted' pins however. :P


New Boards

Creative Workshop

Think of this like a personal sounding board. Brainstorm ideas for any projects (RP related or not!) that you're doing or thinking of doing! Fellow writers and roleplayers will toss ideas back and forth with you and offer insights from their own experiences!

RP Emergency Room

The hilariously named new board where you can go to seek advice about roleplay. If you're experiencing OOC problems with other players, can't quite grasp the nuances of a certain game/genre/whatever, just don't know where to go with your RP or anything else, this is the place to go for some sagely guidance from our most experienced community members!


New Looking for RP Chat

As suggested by Oak FG (aka Forest Guard) there is now a Looking for RP chatbox on the forum! You can find it on the bottom left corner of the screen. You can ask fellow users if they want to RP with you in any form on any game here!


Monthly Writing Contest

Our monthly writing contest will begin on July 1st. Each month the prompt and guidelines will be different. You can help come up with ideas for the contests in [this thread]. Aside from a cool pixel trophy for the forums, winners will also have their submission posted on the front page of RPHQ and possibly even read from on the upcoming podcast Roleplay Radio!

If you want to get some practice in before July, try out the Weekly Drabble Challenge, in which you write a 100 word response to a phrase chosen by our Forum RP Mod. Additionally, the Bus Stop RP is a fun way to explore a character and help build an ever-growing setting!


Tales of Randomness

Uncle Mycroft Wants YOU!

While still a work in progress, Mycroft is starting a stats-based forum RP game with classes, equipment and abilities. He still has room for one or two more interested people, so go sign up!

The characters essentially being a party of random people from all across time and space and dimensions, and universes, and so on, for no particular purpose. Characters will be able to act independently of one another and won’t have to work together if they don’t want to.
— Mycroft

Aaaahhh! Sounds just like America!



Down with the crown!

CatMarie has graciously accepted the title of Tumblr Queen but we will not let this stand! We are a free people! Take down the queen by spamming her with images to post on our new RP image library! You can submit images from any type of RP here:


Open Positions/Projects

I've just updated our open positions thread and there are a ton of cool things you folks can get involved in if you so choose. Click here to see what we're building in the factories of creative industry!


Thanks for reading! I hope to see you along the dusty old trail. Don't forget that you can introduce yourself here!

~ Floyd

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