As many of you know, I'm a hardcore Trekker and proud of it. I've done some great Star Trek RP with our friends at Starbase 118 and a little bit of ST forum RP with my character Terge (who you may recognize from my MMO RP Guide) but I've never gotten to do any Star Trek tabletop. This was partly due to not knowing of any good modules for it.

Well, if you're like me then our prayers have been answered! What with the success of the reboot movies, new TV series on its way, and the 50th anniversary of Trek happening, it's no surprise that new vessels are being commissioned and Star Trek finally has an awesome tabletop game on the way!

According to the article linked below, the new game will allow you to play the crew of any ship you like as you boldly go to seek out new life and new adventures. There will be miniatures of both generic crewmen and our favorite characters. There won't be ship minis but you can already get those through various other companies and such.

The game does not have a Kickstarter or anything, but it looks like they're set on funding. They may even be interested in writers!

It should be out next Summer. Click the link below for more Data! ;)