While in an embryonic stage now, we hope to someday turn RPHQ into a central hub for roleplayers. We'd like to have a continual stream of news and articles as well as extensive, useful lists of resources for all types of RP.

Roleplay is often seen as strange or even unhealthy by those who don't know much about it, leading many to be quiet or even secretive about their art. Which, come on, roleplay is absolutely an art form! Using this site, we hope to encourage creative people to learn about and experience roleplay, and to begin using it as a tool with which to better ourselves as human beings.

We think that media forms such as our podcast, Rock'n'Roleplay, will help us spread the word of RP and explore its furthest depths. But it doesn't end there. A site like this could become a Mecca for RPers everywhere. We can't create enough content on our own to make that happen though.

What I'm saying is.... I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure!

If you are interested in joining us in this journey, please contact me by clicking the button below. I can assure you, whatever you skill is, we will find a way to utilize it and help roleplay grow!

Peace and Love,


Join us in our ongoing effort to promote all forms of roleplaying as a creative art!
— TheHumanFloyd