Posted on behalf of RPHQ user and crew member, Pinnelipe, our resident Gnomish Minecraft Expert!


"So, I have heard there are some asking about our little settlement. It’s not been an easy start, let me tell you. Oh yeah, our town’s nice enough. We’ve got a cafe with a pretty lady in it. The Always Sunny Cafe, it’s called. Bakes a cake that will remind ya of yer granny’s. It’s downright magical, just like her smile.

Then there are them boys in the forest. Crazy bunch there...dangerous. I hear howls and screams from those woods. Hear the farmers near there keep losing cattle. Wouldn’t go around there alone at night if I was you.

Not that it’s much safer to the north. Wildlife has been running out of the area up there. Not sure what is going on, but people say there are trees down everywhere. Some say it’s earthquakes, but I’ve never seen earthquakes tear into a cow.

It’s not all bad though. And industrialist some call The Tinkerer to the northwest is making headway towards safe travel. Not for free, of course, but if it gets us through another day, hell, I’ll give ‘em a few coins.

Of course there’s more further out. We have pirates, mad scientists, and even living plants. Wizards and castles and witches and more. Yeah, it’s a little scary out there, but ya know what? It’s never boring."

-Questus, Sylvanshire Guard


   Hello!  My name is Pinnelipe, and I’m here to describe the more intimate details of our little sandbox that Questus isn’t quite equipped as an NPC to comprehend.  We are an rp friendly (and indeed, sometimes encouraged with events) server consisting of RPHQ members and friends.  We play survival mode so as to encourage trade and cooperation amongst members as well as creative solutions to building fanciful things.  Ultimately, what we are looking to do is create a friendly place for rpers to relax, be silly, and make their unique mark on a world.

    We’ve already had a few rp events, such as a tour of the local cheesemaking farm, scary dungeons, and small interactions for trades, but we plan to have more with ice cream socials, horse races, and even scary night time events like the local werewolf running amok.  We already have several locations going on with the starting town, Sylvanshire, a town in the magical forest called Mystewood that has a few creepy things around, a big ol’ manor, some factory and cave systems, the land of dinos, a growing world tree, and….well, really, there is a lot going on and a lot more space for more.  We encourage those coming in to add to the lore of the world as that’s part of the fun of being able to make what you wish in such a flexible game.


    The pack is a custom-made combination to allow a little technology, a lot of building, a lot of magic, and tons of cooking.  To encourage people to cook or purchase from the server’s cooks, we have messed with hunger mechanics to make diversity of diet a necessity.  There are a few things that make the world more tough, but if you work hard at something, you can become just as tough through the power of magic or weapons.  The roleplay is light-hearted and fun.  Lastly, the people are friendly and wanting more to come in on the fun, so come on in and join us!  Only some of us bite!

For rules and how to join, please go to our place on the forum shown here -