Again I have the utmost pleasure of bringing one of my favorite artists into our collection here at RPHQ! SlayerSyrena and I are both working on Sacrament, an indie MMORPG with a ton of roleplayers on the dev team. However, we first met in The Elder Scrolls Online and were both involved in some crazy Ashlander RP which happened early on in the RP community there. Syrena not only does amazing art, but has some hilarious/awesome comics too! I've been dying to see her do a full-on graphic novel one of these days!

As you can see from the three examples below, her style has a lot of variety and she's not limited to any paticuliar race-type. While the Elder Scrolls is certainly her favorite setting, she could bring any character to life if you choose to commission her!

Here's her new RPHQ page!

~ Floyd