Art's animation

I started roleplaying about 4 years ago with World of Warcraft, and I was a pretty generic warrior, honestly. It was fun, but I quickly realized that Azeroth just wasn't my bag of tea, unfortunately.

So after maybe 4-5 months, I moved over to SWTOR and started roleplaying a zealous Trandoshan slaver on Jung Ma after meeting a certain mandalorian by the name of U'ras. That was were I started really getting into animation and 3D particle systems. I'd had some experience with compositing different elements into live action footage, but I didn't really have any motivation to go beyond what I could find in Youtube tutorials on the web.

Roleplay was a major factor in changing that. Suddenly, I had a font of stories to choose from, stories that I wanted to promote, highlight, or hype for the people that I was playing with. All my life I've wanted to be a Film Director and Screenwriter, so roleplay really helped me hone my storytelling skills. It was a really big turning point for me, and that's something I'm very grateful for, because I don't think I would be the same person without it.

Also, Bossk is the real hero of Episode IV.


COMISSION INFO: Commission quotes can be received from Quotes are entirely subject to the amount of work the project requires and are granted individually, but as a general rule of thumb, 3D animation requires far more work than 2D.