ASMR is a budding phenomenon which takes various forms. Often (although certainly not always) ASMR and roleplay overlap. Below is a list of Youtube channels which include ASMR RP videos. Not all of their content will be RP, but we're careful to only add items to this list which have a decent selection of roleplays to inspire you.

If you want to learn more about ASMR (like what it stands for) check out this video.

Ephemeral Rift : One of the most RP-heavy ASMR channels. Ephemeral Rift is renowned for his cosplay, deep lore, humor, and creativity. Some of his most notable work can be found in the disturbing and Lovecraftian Arkham Sanitarium series.

Goodnight Moon : With incredible sets and cinematography, Goodnight Moon has quickly made a name for herself in the ASMR world. Her fantasy videos all take place in a steadily growing setting of her own imagination and have an incredible amount of work put into them, and it shows.

Olivia Kissper : Perhaps the least RP-heavy ASMR channel listed here, Olivia Kissper is worth including nonetheless for the RP videos she does have. Her sci-fi and metaphysical roleplays are powerfully immersive and her more shamanic videos will be popular among druid/tribal/beast race/etc RPers; look for them under her "ASMR Psychotherapy" playlist.

Pandora ASMR : A versatile artist, Pandora ASMR can be both haunting and heartening. Her costumes, scripts, and performance are top notch. Both her Time Travel and Goddess series will be popular among roleplayers.


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