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Although we don't currently have any audio shows in production, RPHQ has had several in the past and they are archived here for your listening pleasure!

Elder Scrolls SpotlightMikey hosts in-depth interviews with RPers from ESO about their creative relationship to their characters.

InterregnumThe Elder Scrolls Audio Drama follows the adventures of an unlikely  group of heroes set in the time of ESO.

Lore Implications : Mycroft the Lore Lizard and his trusty companion Pooch look deeply into the Lore of various settings.

Rock'n'Roleplay : An experimental podcast which features liveplay and RP discussions to the backdrop of awesome music.

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A Beginner's Guide to Interplanetary Destruction : A humorous and well-edited audio-drama about a group of friends who get together for one last DnD game when they're suddenly transported to an alien planet.

Campaign Podcast : A liveplay (aka actual play) RPG podcast currently set in the Star Wars universe using the Edge of Empire game system.   

Critical Role Podcast : The podcast version of Geek & Sundry's epic, widely-acclaimed show in which a group of voice-actors play through a long-running DnD game.

ESO RP Podcast : A fun, casual podcast from the early days of the Elder Scrolls Online roleplaying community, now available to download in its entirety exclusively on this page!

The Glass Canon Podcast : A liveplay Pathfinder podcast officially licensed by Paizo, creators of Pathfinder.

RPMMORadio : A podcast hosted by two longtime MMO roleplayers and a relative newcomer to the scene, with tips, detailed discussions, and hilarity.

Rude Alchemy : A liveplay RPG podcast taking place in a "farcical, steampunkish, faux-fantasy" world with a different peroid and storyline each season.

We're So Bad at Adventuring : A humorous audio drama about two 'heroes' in a fantasy world.  


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