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Hello, all! I am LemonSugar, and for those of you who are unaware, I entered RP rather late, coinciding with the release of Elder Scrolls Online. Prior to that, I was little more than a solitary writer and artist, building worlds upon worlds that few ever read or cared to hear about. I started RP after watching several others with it, and instantly, I was entranced. Creative people coming together to share and create stories? What could be better than that? Since then, I've been hooked, and have gone so far as to create my own guild and support larger communities for the sake of helping RP flourish, and to further enrich my own gaming experience, as well as the experiences of others.

Art and RP have always gone hand-in-hand for me, since from day one, I was drawing my characters. This habit of mine predates any involvement in RP, since I've been drawing since I could lift a pencil or a paintbrush! I'm happy to give life to my characters and the characters of my friends and guildmates by creating pieces of art for them, and I hope that they find inspiration in it, as I do. Nothing feels more fulfilling to me than to see the unique features of someone's brainchild laid out in paint for all to see, to admire. Stylistically, I try to keep to realism as much as possible, while lending my own flair to it with colour and sketch. Occasionally, I'll do some small, doll-like portraits that satisfy my urges to paint something a bit creepy-cute.

To contact me, feel free to message me here on Enjin, or reach me in The Elder Scrolls Online! My @ names are @LemonSugar and @DarthLemon. Happy writing!

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- Black and white sketch: $25
- Full-colour bust portrait: $60
- Full body, simple background: $80
- Full body, extensive background and/or multiple characters: $95 and up. Subject to change based on detailed description.