My name is Mel C., better known online as Luniara. 

I live in South Florida with my Husband, my two awesome cats and now, my newborn. I work as a Graphic Designer for a Marketing firm and have been illustrating comics and cartoons or the majority of my life. Unless you count High School, I am self taught and come from a line of artists. My favorite artists are Alphonse Mucha, Tony DiTerlizzi, Naoko Takeuchi and Loish, Charles Tan and Stephan McGowan. My artwork is driven by both inspiration, aspiration, and most importantly emotion. I have dabbled in sites such as and other comic battle sites that have helped drive my abilities to where they are now. My friends, husband and loyal fans inspire me to keep drawing. I often dabble in both Star Wars: The Old Republic Roleplay as well as Fan RP for DragonBall Z. Roleplay has brought a great amount of creativity and friends into my world.

For the most part, I draw my original characters, many of which I have had since I was a wee 6th grader. These characters are either from my comic Tempest Oak (once known as Eternal Quest) or characters from MMOs I have played. For the past 10 years, I have progressively developed my own style that has blossomed from my anime years and only continues to grow. My Go-to supplies are a .03 pencil and a Intuos 3 tablet.

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