Renestia Heartbreaker

Illustrious, one who is notably or brilliantly outstanding because of dignity or achievements or actions.
— Any English Dictionary
Illustrated Self Sketch

Illustrated Self Sketch

I can be reached through my new commissioned work email address

If it's your first time asking for a commision, don't worry I'll walk you through it. It's relatively painless.

I was asked to speak of myself. I didn't know where to start. Thankfully TheHumanFloyd helped by asking me questions. My answers seemed appropriate to be apart of this small bio about myself. 

"I guess my main inspirations for my art styles where webcomics, a consistent style that told a story, and at the same time you saw continual progress on how they began and see their current pages how much they improved. I mean if watch an individual deal with the badly drawn horrors of their own work for so long, and make an improvement in the weeks and months pass, how can we that now say "We can get better?"

I remember when I first became a roleplayer. I had no idea what I was doing. It was a warcraft 3 scenario game, where the players can spawn any mob, hero, or prop. It was super confusing at first, but than I watched the pros do it. I've always been good at observing. And after a few months I understood the gist. So you can imagine the hype when the rumors of World of Warcraft happened. But than I wasn't limited to wow, I expanded, even got into D&D, the ultimate roleplaying tabletop example. I started drawing my characters and how I imagined them.

Eventually I learned about photoshop and even about tablets, being able to draw inside a computer was magic to me in my teenage years. And in seeing that anyone would like what I could draw for them, was a special kind of magic. And I suppose to some loners like myself, that was a breakthrough to see that we have a way to connect with people not in our cliques.

I've never experienced any different type of rp, because to me, it's our own universal language, just believing in our words. Our stories. And the dedication we've put in them, hell we have a site dedicated to the Roleplaying community. It's actually quite astonishing I can be counted among them, and take pride in our time to one another."

You'll be surprised that I discovered the The Elder Scrolls Roleplaying Community after playing ESO for a while but never actually finding much roleplay. I searched online to see if there where any guilds around who still remain active. And upon learning more from the site, I can see that there always were other roleplayers around, they just keep active through the site and through the guild. Then I saw they had a art forum thread. And (with hope) my art would be well received. Turns out, it was great idea because now I got more friends and confidence. And if you would like a commision of your character, nothing would make me happier than knowing my work can bring you joy.