self portrait

self portrait


Hi, I'm your average sentient human popsicle (also known as a Canadian) and starving artist. Call me Six! Go ahead, get all the "Why was 6 afraid of 7" jokes out, I can wait.

I'm a self taught freelancer with an addiction to colour and a love of escapism. I've RPed in pretty much every MMO I've tried out and got into art so that I could bring further life to that bunch of polygons on the screen. Results vary.

I started commission work a couple years ago and it's been amazing for both improving my skills as an artist and for making new friends. My realm of expertise lies largely in portrait work and character design, though I'm slowly branching out into proper illustration work.

The big pipe dream is to someday work in concept art - but in the meantime I'm pleased as punch to freelance for the lovely RP community out there! 

Inspirations include cyberpunk and delicious gothic melodrama. Commission inquiries can be sent to Visit my art Tumblr at!