I've been known as 'SlayerSyrena' since my first art site went up in 99', though many of my friends just call me 'Syrena'. I was self-taught most my life, having begun drawing when I was just a little kid, but did get the great opportunity to attend the Ringling College of Art after they viewed my portfolio (and liked my figure drawings, which they said they don't always see in submissions).

I'm mostly trained in traditional mediums, since Photoshop was brand new to the scene back in my college days, (I'm an 80's kid) but I'm doing my best to catch up by practicing my digital art skills. One class that helped me move into digital art was taught by the former Senior Concept Artist for ZenimMax, Jeremy Fenske. His teaching was invaluable and really helped motivate me to move from paper to a Cintiq tablet (though I still do traditional art about 50% of the time. Pencil and Ink on paper remains my favorite medium)!

Elder Scrolls Online was my first MMO, but not my first introduction to RP, as I used to take on the role of DM in my teenage years, playing tabletop with my friends. However, I must say that rping in a massive online world is definitely a step up from the paper and dice I was used to. ESO remains one of my favorite games, along with the Fallout series.

I have illustrated for several gaming books (including White Wolf Games) and I am currently the Director of 2D Concept Art for the MMO in development, Sacrament. If you want to check out our huge fantasy world, while we are in the process of building it, go to www.sacramentgame.com. A lot of early concept art is on display in our gallery as well. I am also the author of a coming of age sci fi novel, as I love to write in my spare time.

Thank you for checking out my art and, when I have the time, I do accept freelance work and commissions. I can be most easily contacted at my Deviantart page, slayersyrena.deviantart.com. Or my email here. (slayer_syrena@yahoo.com)

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