Hello there! :D I'm known as Your Imaginary Twin, but you can call me Kysras. That's the name of my first OC that I had made art of, and it kinda stuck around :p ~ 

So! Since a long time ago I've always liked drawing characters and roleplaying games, so I thought about combining both to create things that would make people happy. I love stories, especially the ones we dream about, and being able to bring characters from those stories to life makes me really glad and excited to work on art. 

I'm one of those persons that hop from MMO to MMO, from RPG to RPG to explore and try a bit of everything, so I'm pretty confident I can draw any character from any universe, as long as I have enough information about them. I also like to talk a lot to my customers so I make sure I'm drawing what they want, and that also means I show them a few screenshots of the progress. I think that's a necessary part of the process so I can draw their character, with all the important bits and pieces.

If you're not allergic to emojis and web/text faces and are interested in contacting me for a commission, you can do that through my Discord or my e-mail! n_n

Also! All payment is done through PayPal.

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Discord: Your Imaginary Twin#1702