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Selique is an experienced RP whose skills were honed in the fabled Star Wars Galaxies MMO. Currently working on an original setting for Tabletop/PnP-style RP, Seli's blog focuses on world building!



An eccentric gamer and graphic designer who loves all things fantasy-themed, the Smiling Sorcerer (or Smiley for short), brings a creative and artistic spin to topic discussion and storytelling.

The Old Orc

A drunken Orc shares his thoughts on roleplay and its various connections to this crazy thing we call life. He believes that RP can make you strong, but only if you're willing to push yourself.



Often referred to as Ma1 or Mal, Ma1function is a talented and insightful roleplayer whose scholarly attention to detail adds an incredible dimension to his RP. 


An eclectic individual with an interest in text-based roleplaying. Dominator046 focuses on immersion, deep narrative, and intense storytelling!