Hello everyone! Just a brief message to assure everyone that this page is not going the way of the dinosaurs. My schedule has been hectic. I've been finishing out some serious work in university. I start Graduate school classes next semester. Huzzah and such. Fun times.

I added almost eight new items / sections to the Metallurgy Manifesto page. These specify terminology, expand upon terminology, highlight the importance of skill in certain practices, and outline some of the core concepts behind period metallurgy. I highly recommend taking a look back if you've any interest in that regard.

Of the two guides I have planned, I am uncertain how long it will take to put them completely to words. The first expands upon the idea of Defense from my earlier guides as a complex action, and breaks down the 'defense' into observable parts. The second guide showcases a system of how some modern martial artists, frontline combatants, and others classify the different parts of a fight; these typically are condensed into a number of stages with defining characteristics, which do not need to be followed completely or sequentially.

After this, I don't know exactly what I'll do.

I have considered writing a thorough primer to early period firearms, perhaps including crossbows, given some recent classes and reading I've done for them. This could expand to a full, basic primer on ranged weapons. Or a sequential start on presenting the functions of different weapons as they existed; we'll come back to this in a moment.

I have a guide that I'm very hesitant to write in mind, feeling sufferance over the fact that it highlights some problems with trying to equalize unarmed fighting with armed fighting, and unarmored fighting with armored fighting; THOUGH, I would suggest ways of roleplaying the desirable aspects of the perhaps disadvantageous situations.

One guide I've been a little hesitant to write, but only out of doubt, is an in-depth look at the mage archetype of character. How it stacks with other archetypes, how some systems make it unrewarding or bland. How the thematic elements play off of a mage in a given setting. This would also include my opinions for how to enact progression, and balance a mage character.

Lastly, referring back to our guns and bows idea. I've been asked about specific weapons quite regularly. Only issue is, there are a lot of weapons. There are tons of great resources on the internet, but not everyone can find those easily, and there are probably even more bad ones. So, I continue to consider ways in which I can write guides to discuss effectively comparable hand-weapons through blog posts. We'll probably get here, eventually.

Well, that's everything all. Thanks for reading! If you have any ideas on what I should be doing, or any comments, take a look at my comments and review thread listed here!