Welcome welcome welcome! Welcome to the sixth episode of Elder Scrolls Spotlight! For this episode, we will be crossing the Atlantic Ocean to be speaking with a Roleplayer from the EU server. Don't worry Tyrrean, I had you guys in mind from the very start of this project. Here's a fun fact some: your host actually began roleplaying in ESO on the EU servers before crossing to NA (couldn't continue to make the timezones work for my schedule, unfortunately). This is in part, an explanation of how I've come to know ShadowHvo. We actually met on the Progenitor server back in SWTOR. He is a fine fellow who gives all of his Danish countrymen a good name and interesting fellow to talk to about Vampirism and Vampire RP. So sit back, and a have a listen as we talk about his adventures in RP and discuss at length some of the misgivings of Vampire RP

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