Note: Due to carelessness and technical difficulties on my part, the last portion of this episode did not make it. 1000 apologies to you, the listener, and to Fyurae for my mistake. 

Here we are at episode 8 my fellow roleplayers! Sparing you all the chit-chat and getting straight to the point, tonight we have a conversation with @Fyurae. She is a Daggerfall Covenant North American roleplayer here on ESO. You might know her for redguard trio: Na'im Siavash, Adil Basir, and Hesham Siavash. For this conversation, I got to sit back and listen to what she had to say as I got to know her and her characters. Fy is also an event organizer, having helped host the Black Hawk Fight Night and the unofficial DFC Tavern Night. Despite my mistake, I hope that you guys enjoy this episode.


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