After two months of nothingness, I think it's safe to say that it's good to be back ladies and gents! While I admit I did want to do something different once again, I realized it was probably best that I return to form and interview an RP from ESO. The reason being is that it has been awhile and I can't stray too much from the original focus of the podcast. Yet at the same time, I still had to do something different. So I looked around and found someone who I felt did things juuuuust a little bit differently. One of the great things about this podcast is that I get to different moralities that different characters possess. However with the exception of 2 people, I realize I never interviewed someone who played an "evil" character. Unlike the aforementioned 2, I realized I never interviewed anyone that played an evil character as their main. So I found someone, we got to talking, and she graciously agreed to join me for today's episode. I had a nice time listening to her, and I hope you will too. Folks we have @Sabriel7 joining us tonight!

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