Hey roleplayers!

As the homepage states, we'd like to turn this site into a kind of hub for RP. Guides, links, shows, even an enjin forum would all be fantastic! But, as you can imagine, myself (Floyd) and the other creators are busy with Rock'n'Roleplay and various other RP/media related projects. We'd like to build a team of dedicated content creators, editors, site managers and more. We aren't making any money off of this yet so we can't afford to pay anyone, but in all honesty this isn't about making money for us. We love RP and want to share it.

We know there are many out there who share our dreams.

If you'd like to help build this little pile of pages into a true city for roleplays to find everything they could need in one place, please get a hold of us by clicking contact on the top of the page!  There's a list below of some of the roles we need to fill here at Roleplay HQ but if you have a talent we didn't mention feel free to message us anyway and we can brainstorm!

  • Webpage Builder - Gotta fancy this place up! Make it look good!

  • Site Manager - Keep it nice! Update stuff! Manage content!

  • Content Creators - Entertain us!

  • Community Managers - Herd cats! Promote site! Forums!

If you're interested in any of these positions and discussing them in more detail click Contact at the top of the page or just email me directly at: thehumanfloyd@gmail.com

With your help, we can promote roleplay across the globe!

Peace and Love,