This cake is a real wonder
So velvety and red
But there's something hidden under
That gets inside my head

What all did I put in it
I can't seem to recall
I know there was some chocolate
But maybe that's not all

This monstrous cake is haunting me
Each time I close my eyes
I know that it is gluten free
But is it free of lye

Perhaps it is not poisonous
It could be razor blades
Or something more insidious
That's in this thing I made

What gives a cake a toothy maw
Or makes it snarl at night
It's hard to describe what I saw
In that birthday delight

It's filthy horrid canine jaws
Chew at my sanity
I cannot eat this cake because
The cake is eating me...



As an unrelated note, I have observed that people are having a difficult time commenting here, so I made a new thread on the forums for feedback and sharing ideas of what I can cover here.

This is Ma1function, signing off until next time...