All of the characters live, work and/or go to school in a city called White Falls. It's a large, picturesque town in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by fir tree forests. White Falls has a thriving logging industry and is the location of the largest hospital in the region, Providence Holy. Other landmarks include a gothic cathedral and a badly run down inner city neighborhood, Helspeth, which locals sometimes call "Hellpit."

Helspeth existed as a town long before White Falls. Once a booming railroad hub in the early 1900s, the majority of the settlement was razed one night in a terrible fire.

An old urban legend describes the fire as a supernatural force called forth by Native American tribes in retaliation for their explotation as slave labor in the building of the region's railways. This "dark shamanry" was also believed to have imprisoned the residents of Helspeth within the borders of their smoldering city to helplessly burn alive. Indeed, thousands perished in the disaster, but historians point to the plentiful surrounding timber and relative dryness of the season as the factors that sealed Helspeth's fate.

Today, vagrants and the destitute occupy what remains of the slum's crumbling Victorian buildings. Helspeth is a place of suffering, and rampant crime.

You are close with the other two characters, either related to or friends with them. Recently, your mutual acquaintance Sara Littleton has gone missing. Last Sunday she told you she was meeting some friends at a nightclub out in Helspeth. A place called The Circle in a run down dancehall by the trainyard. It's Saturday, no one has seen Sara for a week, and the three of you have decided to visit the club and try to find leads on her whereabouts.

Brenda Stewart - Dyna
Deputy Jacob McIrish - Night's Knight
Hudson Miller - TheHumanFloyd
Jim Ashby - Ma1function
DM - Taage/Varlynd