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Christmas Writing Contest, 2016


Almost every mmorpg has its own version of Christmas, from Warcraft's Feast of the Winter Veil to Elder Scrolls' Saturalia. Write any story representing the Christmas spirit, set in an rpg setting of your choice.


Try to keep your entries below 2,000 words. Concise and well-told is better than long and rambling.

Submit your entries to: on Enjin or as a reply on this thread!

If you email your story, simply paste the text into the email.

If you post your story here please mark it with a [nfsw] disclaimer at the beginning if there is any content which could be considered inappropriate.

Due Date

Submit By: December 31st, 2016

Winner Announced: January 7th, 2016


You will receive a pixel-art reward on your RPHQ profile which will be seen on each of your posts here!

Your story will be posted proudly on the front page of!

Your website, blog, portfolio, or anything else you'd like to share will be linked for all to see!