Check out the pages and pages of fantastic commissioned art by SWTOR player   Six  !

Check out the pages and pages of fantastic commissioned art by SWTOR player Six!

by      vvhitevvizard  on    Rune bridge. In memory of Lineage 2, the best MMORPG ever.   Completely reworked @ Sep 2015

by vvhitevvizard on

Rune bridge. In memory of Lineage 2, the best MMORPG ever.
Completely reworked @ Sep 2015



Absalom Station. Credit: Paizo

Absalom Station. Credit: Paizo

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— Gnome Stew


So today’s hot button is this: Where do you draw the line? When is it no longer okay to add elements to a PC’s background during play?
— Walt Ciechanowski

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Let us hear your personal experiences on large group roleplay on the RPHQ thread here!

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What is your favorite genre to RP in? Vote in this RPHQ poll!

Community RP Story Arc Coming to Rift

Attention Faeblighters! As we do every summer, The Perennial Flame Guild will be hosting a shard story this summer.  

It's kicking off on Saturday, July 9th and will last about 6(ish) weeks. EVERYONE IS WELCOMED to participate, new rp'ers and veterans alike! We'll have events and rp during the day and at night to accommodate as many people's schedules as possible. We will have a large array of events, including but not limited to low conflict, high conflict, research, subterfuge, intrigue, and social!

IC and OOC information for the story will be available and frequently updated on

Anything can happen in rp and this will be a great time. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send a message to Margot on enjin!

LARPers. Fully insured. (Photo:   Tom Garnett/CC BY 2.0  )

LARPers. Fully insured. (Photo: Tom Garnett/CC BY 2.0)

Mastermind Adventures, which specializes in cosplay and role-playing games for kids, has organized a Harry Potter-themed event to debut next month.
— Katie Majka
Members of several Amtgard of Alaska parks battle with foam weapons in Fairbanks at a statewide LARP event on May 28, 2016. (Scott Jensen / Alaska Dispatch News)

Members of several Amtgard of Alaska parks battle with foam weapons in Fairbanks at a statewide LARP event on May 28, 2016. (Scott Jensen / Alaska Dispatch News)

You’re a spy. Well, no you’re not. Thankfully you have a group of friends with you to help you think like one.

You’re locked in the office of an ambassador in a foreign country.

The clock is ticking. There’s only an hour to find a cipher that will save the world. You need to unravel a series of puzzles and break codes, hidden around the desk, bookcases and locked drawers.

If you don’t find the cipher in time, the world won’t end. You’re not really a spy. You’re a customer at Big Sky Breakout, one of two brand-new business that are bringing the trend of escape rooms to Missoula.

The rooms are designed to create a suspenseful group activity, a “live experience” in an era of screen-based entertainment.

The scenarios vary as widely: some have zombies or mad scientists, others are jail breaks. Big Sky Breakout has a jail break. And so does Break Out of Missoula, which is opening on Stephens Avenue at the beginning of next month.
— Cory Walsh
English-speaking fans of Germany’s The Dark Eye pen & paper RPG have a good reason to be happy today, since the Kickstarter that was created to fund an English translation of the game materials has been successful. In fact, it’s been so successful that it passed its meager $10,000 goal with a staggering $147,512 in total money pledged.
— Carl Batchelor
Have you ever had that weird sensation that you’re not actually playing the same game as everyone else at the table? You’ve described the scene: a noble and his retinue are in a large hall. The noble is about to engage the party in conversation, almost certainly to hand out a mission. And then the rogue chimes in with, “When he starts talking, I’m going to try to pick the noble’s pocket.” You wait for someone else at the table to point out how ridiculous that would be, but they’re all looking at you as if it’s a great idea…

What now?
— Kurt "Telas" Schneider


5 Of The Best Player Housing Systems Ever

Article by Brittany Vincent


Not only could you have your own house in Star Wars Galaxies, you could live in a whole community of players in designated player cities. ... As more and more people declared citizenship in a city, more civic buildings were unlocked so eventually all the amenities of a pre-built NPC populated city would be available for use.

These cities were far from static though. Taxes were collected weekly, and elections for Mayor were held every three weeks. This ended up with player cities establishing a complete closed-circuit economy, with weapons, armor, goods, and services manufactured by and sold to citizens that lived in the city.

While other MMOs might have more feature rich individual abodes, none have replicated the ability to create a player-built community that Star Wars Galaxies had.
— Brittany Vincent


Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most beautiful MMO’s we’ve ever played, and its player housing matches. Once you master one of your classes and reach the rank of Second Lieutinant in one of the Grand Companies you can purchase a plot of land to make a house of your own.

You can furnish your homestead with tables, lamps, plants, wall mountings, carpets, and change the wallpaper, flooring, and lighting as well. If you’re the outdoorsy type you can also plant a private garden to raise a variety of plants you can use for crafting.
— Brittany Vincent


Though World of Warcraft doesn’t have player housing per se, the latest expansion Warlords of Draenor added Garrisons. Garrisons are your very own little town. You can recruit and fill it with NPC’s, and add buildings and assign those NPCs to jobs.

However, your garrison can also be invaded at random, and it’ll be up to you to make sure it’s properly defended.
— Brittany Vincent


Ultima Online may not be as pretty as the other entries on this list, but when it comes to house customization, it can’t be beat. From single-roomed cottage to sprawling castle, and custom build structures, players are only limited by plot size and imagination.

Ultima Online takes the cake for variety of player houses available, and is still going strong after 17 years online.
— Brittany Vincent


While the player-owned starbases of EVE Online don’t have the features of traditional player housing, they’re the catalyst that binds the game’s corporation system.

While they may not have posh rooms and fancy decoration options, the Starbases of EVE Online serve a more important purpose to the players that use them than any other entry on this list.
— Brittany Vincent


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