Pokemon Tabletop RP

Innokha of the RPHQ forums has just started an online tabletop Pokemon roleplay! The first session went fantastically, but don't take it from me. Check out her review of it here!

Although the game is full, you may be able to get in as a guest character or gym leader if you ask nicely on the thread, linked above. I'd also love to see someone else start another Pokemon RP so that we could have room for more people! If you're interested in starting your own game, hit me up on the forums or email me: thehumanfloyd@gmail.com


PnP Bootcamp

Ma1function's tabletop/PnP lessons are continuing! If you'd like to learn how to play traditional pen-and-paper RPGs online and have fun while doing it, you should check it out. The game will be taking place in the realm of Neverwinter!

Next Event: Saturday, July 30th - 8pm EST (that's 12am UTC) 

Contact Ma1function via the forums if you're interested! Even if you can't make this one, the lessons will be ongoing and there's plenty of room for more people!


ARK: Survival Evolved RP Server

Selique has been running an ARK: Survival Evolved roleplay server for a little bit now, and is looking for more experienced RPers to join up. Even if you've never played ARK, the server is fresh and ready for some awesome roleplay and new tribes!

Check out the thread and post there or contact Seli via PMs if you're interested in joining up and riding some freakin' dinosaurs!