I'll keep this short so you can get to writing! 

Roleplayers are storytellers. Many of us are writers as well. Being a good writer is about more than just making pretty sentences, but also putting together a sequence of events or words that is unexpected, entertaining, or englightening. By challenging yourself as a writing, you can grow your skill and apply it to all sorts of endeavors!

We're going to be doing regular writing contests, with the winner's entry posted on the front page and our Facebook. We'll also promote your website or whatever!

The first contest in this series can be found by cliking the image below.

The prompt is this: 

Write a story about one of your main characters (be it from roleplay or your personal writing) from the perspective of someone who is not thinking well of them!

This could be a mortal enemy, a passerby, a disgruntled neighbor or perhaps even a close friend who is upset with your character. Let us know, through actions or thoughts, why this person is having negative thoughts about your character.

Does she show these feelings, or hide them? Does he always think this way about your character or is it only temporary?

You’re free to use any setting and any situation. Get creative! Surprise us! Make us think!

As suggested by: CatMarie
You can make your own suggestions for future contests by posting in this thread.

Write on!

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