Greetings dear readers, it is I, Ma1function, who has usurped the front page while Floyd is away doing human things. I have taken control, time to fill today's update with some mayhem!

Margot has resurrected a discussion as old as online role play itself, how can everyone be the hero of the same story? With the newest expansion of World of Warcraft offering a serious promotion in the ranks for the player character, what are your thoughts on claiming these story rewards in roleplay? Can we both be commander of the garrison, can we both be the vestige, can we all be -the- hero? If we are, where do we go from there? I have titled this post in reference to a statement by Syndrome, the main antagonist of Pixar's The Incredibles.


What are your thoughts? Can we all be the hero? How do you personally cope with multiple people playing the same story? Does the main story influence your role play? Be sure to let us know here , or by clicking on that maniacally laughing genius. 

As an added bonus, since floyd isn't here, I will leave you with a little secret. Margot is looking for some good responses to add to the next spotlight. Its your chance to shine, but you didn't hear that from me. -Ma1function