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RPHQ Original Videos

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A Window into Worlds : A 4 part RPHQ original series about world building, created by Serestia.

Let's RP in ESOAn RPHQ original show by TheHumanFloyd featuring recorded RP sessions from The Elder Scrolls Online.

Let's RP in Rift : An RPHQ original show by Margot (aka Rivvka) featuring recorded RP sessions from Rift. 

RPing in MMOs - A Beginner's GuideA Youtube series which covers the basics of roleplaying in online games.. 

Scrollplay : An RPHQ original show created by TheHumanFloyd which has IC news and OOC interviews revolving around The Elder Scrolls Online RP community.

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ASMR Roleplay : Follow this link to a list of ASMR channels to inspire your roleplay. Don't know what ASMR is? Come find out, adventurer. 

Brandon Sanderson Writing CourseBestselling Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson's insightful college course on writing sci-fi and fantasy in its entirety. 

Critical Role : Geek & Sundry's epic, widely-acclaimed show in which a group of voice-actors play through a long-running DnD game.

DnD Beyond : A Youtube channel with exclusive interviews relating to and analyses of current Dungeons and Dragons content.

The Gentleman Gamer : A Youtube channel about roleplaying in World of Darkness.

GM Tips : Geek & Sundry's Youtube show for DM/GMs, featuring fantastic advice from big RP names like Matt Mercer, Satine Phoenix, and more.

Lantern Lighters : A Youtube channel which discusses RP through the lens of the small but vibrant PS4 RP community and features recorded sessions, created by RPHQ crew members Jarnkoldur and Wolfsong.

Matthew Colville : A Youtube channel created by a very well-respected, long-time DnD player about running Tabletop games, with a focus on DnD.

Natural 1 : A lighthearted Youtube channel about PnP RPGs, including original RP music.

Psyched Media : A Youtube channel which includes videos on the psychology of roleplaying as well as general PnP interests.

Shield of TomorrowGeek & Sundry's Star Trek Adventures RPG show.

ShoddyCast : A Youtube channel with a great deal of machinima and video game lore.

WebDM : A Youtube channel about all things DnD 5e, including detailed analyses of classes, monsters, and more.

Why Dungeons and Dragons is Good For You (Tedx Talk) : An inspirational talk by Ethan Gilsdorf about the real life benefits of playing tabletop RPGs.


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