What's this? A new episode? You bet your sweet bippy it is! Ladies and gents its Your Friendly Neighborhood Commentator coming at you with another episode of the good stuff! Tonight we have Morriel joining us for a wonderful conversation where we cover how she got into roleplay, how she incidentally was apart of the same Neopets forums TheHumanFloyd was on, and her characters in Elder Scrolls Online. Due to her extensive experience in the subject, I also got to talk to her about her views on Vampirism RP and my gripes with it. I will always say that my views expressed here are strictly my own and cannot stress that is in no way reflective of that of the channel's. I also stress that conversation on this subject is always: to challenge my own opinion. I firmly believe that challenging what you know and seeking the objective truth is a hallmark of open-mindedness. So I cannot thank Morriel enough for indulging me in that part of the conversation. With all that being said, be prepared to listen to the myriad of tangents we go on as we talk about stuff ranging from Bayonetta to Megalobox to Kingdom Hearts 3. I do hope you guys enjoy this episode!

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