Hey there guys! This is Your Friendly Neighorhood Commentator coming at you with another episode. This time I talk to a true, blue Skyrim Nord. Now for transparency's sake, I'll admit that Rok and I are guildies. You see after having a conversation with Sarinteal way back in episode 14 about his character and the Altmer, I wanted to go ahead and look at the opposites to the Altmer. In my mind, the Nords are antithetical to the Altmer and I couldn't think of anyone that RPs hardy Nord like Rokthor. Thus we had this conversation! On the plus side, you are looking at a COLOSSAL episode. Our longest one to date, clocking in at 4 hours! So once again, I've decided to split the episodes up into 2 parts and release them both simultaneously for your pleasure. Hope you all enjoy this one, I had a lot of fun with it!

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