Welcome to our 15th episode ladies and gents! Tonight I wanted to speak to a Dunmer roleplayer and get her story. She plays a Hlaalu businessman by the name of Vytalas Hlaalu, a Telvanni by the name of Dinya, and one-half of the Ashlander twins, Hasiran Zahuulu. Listening to how she got into Roleplay and Elder Scrolls brought a smile to my face. The reason being is that I had a similar experience in how I was introduced to the concept of RP. Though we couldn't grab the amount of time and effort that went into the 3-4 years of RP in ESO, we were able to grab a few "snapshots" if you will. Discussions about specific instances that give us a better view of the broader picture of Gangzygirl's experiences on ESO. Prompt and elaborate, it was a pleasure to have a chat with her. So sit back and enjoy!

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