Dear viewers it's good to be back! I didn't anticipate a 2-month hiatus, but I'm happy to say I am back. And in an effort to make it up to you all, I bring a YUGE episode this time around! So YUGE that it ended having to be split into two parts. In this episode, I got to speak with an Altmer roleplayer. I'll be the first to admit that the Altmer are my least favorite race. Not because of any negative traits, nothing like that. But because the concept and lore surrounding them seems complicated an alien to me. So in an effort to try and understand the Altmer, I reached out to our guest in hopes of learning. Needless to say we ended up having hours upon hours of conversation. The most stimulating part was exploring ideas and going back and forth about the Summerset expansion (it was a week since it's launch at the time of this recording). Not only did I get to know Sarin as a person, I also was educated in this episode. Sarin, if you're reading this: A thousand thank-yous for the conversation. I sincerely enjoyed it!

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