What would happen if you couldn't wake up from a dream? 

A disenchanted young man named Lane finds himself lost in an ethereal illusion, unsure which world is real and which is a fabrication. A beautiful girl with a detachable face tells him he is a god, he just doesn't know it yet. Bewildered but enticed, Lane follows her to meet the creator of their world, a powerful entity in his own right. 

As the boundary between reality and fantasy shifts Lane delves into an existence in which he relives past lives, creates objects out of thin air and explores his own internal spirit. Yet this world is not without its own dangers. Mysterious beings lurk in the corner of his eye and beneath his skin, hiding in plain sight and threatening to steal his memories. He hopes that his new peers can protect him, but somehow wonders if he hasn't already been claimed by the Voidmen.


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