Hey roleplayers!

We had a fantastic meeting last night in which we talked about some of the things we'd like to do with the site. The notes are below if you're interested. We're always looking for more creative people to get involved so that we can turn RPHQ into the central hub for all things roleplay on the internet! Email me if you'd like to get involved or have any original creative content you'd like to share!


~ Floyd


Meeting Notes


1) Phase 1 Complete, entering Phase 2
2) What are the phases?
3) Databases and Artist Pages
4) Roleplay Radio
5) Site Graphics
6) Increased Forum Activity
7) Other Features

1) Phase 1 Complete

- good job everyone, site established, Dom and Mal's blogs rock, monthly Spotlight rocks, Lore Implications rocks!
- we haven't been working on the site too hard but I personally am going to be stepping it up and would love to have you guys get into it too!

- Phase 2:
-- more front page activity (regular update posts including hot forum topics, additions to the databases, etc)
-- more forum activity (we'll talk about that later)
-- Roleplay Radio regular feature
-- reaching out to other RP sites (light networking)

2) What are the phases?

Phase 1 - Establish site, get some regular content going
Phase 2 - More regular content, Roleplay Radio, increased forum activity
Phase 3 - Increased networking (working with other sites), Daily Updates (blogs, videos, webcomic, update posts, etc)
Phase 4 - Site Ads, RP related content for sale?
Phase 5 - Use that money to create awesome stuff for RPers (online tabletop programs, RP books, an RP documentary film, RPHQ convention, etc)

3) Databases and Artist Pages?

- I have lots of content, will get to work on Databases, be sure to send me cool pages you see that would be useful for RPers
- searching for video or written guides for tabletop RP, forum RP and LARP
- Artist Pages, for RP character/logo artists, Sarinteal is planning on doing them

4) Roleplay Radio

- We will have an RPHQ Youtube channel which will post RnRP, Lore Implications, Roleplay Radio and other things!

- CanadianMan will be hosting this podcast focused on RP and the RPHQ community
- previously, rock'n'roleplay had RP related discussions but we'll probably be doing this on RP Radio more/instead now
- We'd like to have guests from the community come on regularly to talk about RP topics
- RP Radio will also feature content from the community such as poetry, excerpts from short stories, etc

- Any other ideas for what the show could have?
-- Try out various RP systems and review them
-- check out various RP communities and talk about experiences there

5) Site Graphics

- Rendis' wife had a baby so he's going to be very busy, need a new website guy!
- Need someone who knows Squarespace and/or someone who knows Enjin
- Would like to change the background to make it a bit easier to read
- Would like to have logos in the database for each category. Pretty, bold lettering "Beginner's Guides" "Advanced MMO RP Guides" "World Building Tools" etc

- Any suggestions for site graphics or other site updates?
-- Customizable Character Sheet for any game (editable pdf perhaps?)
-- Character Pages, sort of like a facebook/enjin/wiki page for your RP character
-- New section: Game Specific Guides (RP Resources)

6) Increased Forum Activity

- Weekly Drabble Challenge (Cat volunteered to pick this up)
- Bi-weekly (or perhaps monthly) polls, I can do that
- A regular forum RP!
-- Mycroft will be started one, I will be too, but we want as many going as possible!
- Writing Contest! What kind of prompt should we have?
-- forum post for ideas for the writing contest
- Would also like to see increase in Facebook activity, join the RPHQ facebook!
- PLEASE add pictures to the gallery!

- Other ideas to increase forum activity?
-- Creative Workshop section (brainstorming board)
-- RP Emergency Room (board for asking for RP help)
-- Pixel Art trophies for winning contents and such (Cat and Poly will work on this, anyone else interested in helping?)

7) Other Features

- Will be converting my personal patreon to RPHQ Patreon, will use that money to get a Teamspeak (or Discord after the alpha tesT)
- Would like to have a dice roller on the site if anyone knows any programmers