Halloween is my favorite time of the year.

For better or worse, horror and Halloween are almost synonymous in the mind of the modern individual. The original Halloween (Samhain - pronounced 'SOW-win') was not about scaring people but respecting our ancestors.

We discuss this further in our Halloween episode of Rock'n'Roleplay.

That said, scaring people is a lot of fun. So I'm going to help you scare your players today with a few useful links. Happy Halloween!

Tabletop Audio

While not scary specific, Tabletop Audio has many frightening atmospheres to use in your pen and paper games! Click 'Horror' under the banner. The artist behind the site creates a special track each year to celebrate Halloween. This year, that track is 'Nightmare'.


Scaring Your Players: Ten Tips

You might not expect the website for the creator of the game Munchkin to have insightful articles on roleplaying, but you'd be wrong. This is article is a quick, useful read for anyone preparing to scare the pants off of their PCs!


DnD Behind the Screen Thread

While this is obviously a tabletop-oriented reddit, this thread's resources can be used for any form of RP. One of the more interesting links I see on this thread are Horror.org, a rather vast website devoted entirely to horror writing. Why haven't I seen this before?!


On Writing Horror and Avoiding Clichés

While this article was linked in the reddit thread, it deserves to stand out a little more. I think taking a good long look at what has been overdone and how to get a fresh take on the traditional is useful no matter what the subject matter is. 



Possibly one of the most immersive websites out there, Beksinski.pl is the official website of the Polish artist, Zdzislaw Beksinski. Turn your volume up and spend some time clicking through the website for inspiration. The floaty black things take you to various pages. The galleries are breathtaking; combined with the organic, breathing feel of the website and the immersive music, it's easy to get lost in them.

You may never come back.


Mr. Gone's Character Sheets

Mr. Gone makes character sheets for World of Darkness. I imagine if you're interested in horror RP you've played it or intend to play it at some point. There are also some free fonts and graphics to make your own sheets with or use otherwise. 


Hope these help! Be sure to listen to the Halloween episode of RnRP!

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