Hey roleplayers!

I always say that RPHQ belongs to the roleplayers and I really mean that! That's why we want any artists, writers or creators of any other kind of RP-related media to feel free to submit their content to the site. The fastest and easiest way to do that is to simply post it up in the Your Works section of the forum.

However, we do want to feature RP articles on our front page more regularly. RPHQ already has two regular bloggers, Ma1function and Dominator046, and we'd like to have a lot more some day!

We have a lot of people say they want to be a regular blogger and then never post a single article, so I figure the best way to find good, reliable writers is to keep an eye on the guest bloggers and offer a page to those who stick around and continue producing quality content!

We're looking for anything RP related. Personal experiences, opinion pieces, guides, Q&As, reviews...

There's no limit to what you could write about!

So if you're looking to have your own space for a regular RP blog, or you just want to share a few thoughts on RP once in awhile, send me an email at thehumanfloyd@gmail.com or click Contact!

We'll happily promote your website, Youtube channel, guild, website or whatever else if we post your blog! You'll also get a cool forum icon/trophy. One of these days we'd love to be able to pay our guest bloggers (as well as the rest of the RPHQ staff) but to get to that point we need to push the site further and make it something worth visiting for all roleplayers!

Help us achieve our goal of turning RPHQ into the central hub for roleplay on the internet!