Fellow roleplayers! If you're interested in roleplay or any of these settings even slightly you definitely want to check out the openings in these online tabletop games.

The way this usually works is pretty simple. You meet up on a dice rolling website (like rolz.org or roll20.net) and roleplay! Some games use Skype or other voice chats, while other players prefer to keep to text-based communication. It's a great way to get some tabletop-style roleplay if you don't know other roleplayers near you.

TheGr8Whoopdini has some amazing story ideas, including games involving a squadron of ace Rebel pilots, space-Vietnam, homesteading a newly-colonized planet and others! He's open to input from the players on what kind of game you want to play and reassures inexperienced RPers that the system is very beginner-friendly!

Follow this link to see more details and have a chat with the gr8 one himself if you're interested!

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Innokha's Pokemon Tabletop is full, but we have a few people interested in joining a new game if we can find someone to run it. If you have any experience in, or the willingness to learn how to run tabletop games, you can send a message to myself or Innokha via the forums or email me at thehumanfloyd@gmail.com

If you're interested in joining the game (or just curious) check out the thread!