Theme: When Goodness Fails


Write about a moment when a main character is given an opportunity to do good, but does not.

Would the character's failure become their path to corruption, just like the High King Isildur's refusal to destroy The One Ring in Mount Doom?

Perhaps a harsh lesson that would ultimately transform the character into a symbol of good, just as Peter Parker's complacent attitude led to his uncle's death (and his lifetime career as a masked superhero).

It doesn't have to be either example. If you have anything different to say (so long as it fits the contest's theme), by all means, make us think!


Try to keep your entries below 2,000 words. Concise and well-told is better than long and rambling.

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If you email your story, simply paste the text into the email.

If you post your story on the forum please mark it with a [nfsw] disclaimer at the beginning if there is any content which could be considered inappropriate.

Due Date

Submit By: October 20th, 2016

Winner Announced: October 30th, 2016


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