When dreaming up RPHQ years ago, I always imagined that it would be a place where any type of RPer could find a game to get involved in easily and with minimal hassle. That dream is coming true as our community steadily grows!

Even if you've never roleplayed before, we have a ton of cool things you can do to begin honing your skills and flexing your imagination. Those cool things are listed below!

We also have opportunities for experienced RPers looking to train the next generation and explore their own creative desires in the process! If that sounds like you, check out the final section of the article titled Captain's Chair.

As for the boats, you can thank Seli's new blog for inspiring that theme, haha!

Artwork by  Stephen Martiniere

Drydock Drills

RP/Creative Practice

Isildur, Lord of the Rings

Isildur, Lord of the Rings


Sept/Oct Writing Contest

When Goodness Fails


PROMPT: Write about a moment when a main character is given an opportunity to do good, but does not




Started by Dyna and maintained by CatMarie. Challenge yourself by taking a prompt (usually an image, short sentence or phrase) and writing a 100 word response.

I've been using it as an excuse to write a Star Trek fanfiction, but you can play it out however you want to!

Begin with Drabble Challenge #1 or just pick one you like from our Forum Games board!


Tinker Gnome, Dungeons & Dragons 3.5

Tinker Gnome, Dungeons & Dragons 3.5


Creative Workshop

One nice thing about RPHQ is that we're all interested in helping each other grow in our creativity. That's the perfect environment to help you flesh out ideas for... well, anything really!

This board is a place where you can request feedback on ideas, brainstorm with others or simply post to get a few loose thoughts 'down on paper' so to speak.





Mayan Artisan,  TERRY W. RUTLEDGE/National Geographic Creative

Mayan Artisan, TERRY W. RUTLEDGE/National Geographic Creative


Your Works

While the Workshop mentioned above is for posting ideas, this is an area to show off your completed works. With boards for audio/music, videos/films, visual art, writing, RP settings and the mysterious section known as "Other", you'll soon see that we're interested in ANYTHING you've created, and want to check it out!







Smooth Sailing

Casual RP


Bus Stop World Building

Liqua started this project to give us something fun to work on together. Help expand the bus stop world (and your personal characters) by making a response on the thread!




Map of the Skyroads, Guns of Icarus

Map of the Skyroads, Guns of Icarus

Tales From and Unnamed Airship

Write your own story about an airship crew or join an already established ship!

This RP is based on the game Guns of Icarus Online but the concept of a badass flying airship needs little more exposition than that. Let your creative juices flow!




Estaz Montega's Curio Bodega

An old store opened up near you... curious... you've never noticed a store there before.

The idea is that you RP your character obtaining an item from the Curio Bodega, write a short story about what happens to them with that item, and then (if you wish) return to the store for more RP!



Epic Voyages

Dedicated RP

David R Haley (aka Krowe) Seeking Fellow Players to Start Game

 A talented voice actor (featured on Interregnum) and former host of the Elder Scrolls Online RP Podcast (ESO RP), David has a great eye (and ear) for detail and is a personal friend of both mine and RPHQ in general. Definitely someone worth RPing with!

Hit him up!


Shadowrun RPG Artwork

Shadowrun RPG Artwork

Shadowrun 5E


Liqua is seeking brave souls to join a Shadowrun game. If you don't know much (or anything) about Shadowrun, that's not a problem! Liqua is just seeking people who want to RP together and the information will unfold as you share your interest by posting on her thread!



Art by  David Heskin


Faeblight United - Perennial Flame

Players of the MMORPG Rift will want to join Faeblight United, the RP community there. While you're at it, RPHQ Staff member Margot is the guild leader of an incredibly cool guild known as the Perennial Flame!


If you're into the deep, complex stuff, it seems like the Rift RP community has it in droves!




UFOP: Starbase 118

If you like space adventure, organized but simple systems and/or being able to influence a larger story as a single character, then definitely look into this 22-year-running Star Trek group!




Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG Artwork

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG Artwork


Star Wars Online Tabletop

TheGr8Whoopdini is interested in starting a Star Wars RP if he can find some interested players. There are some fantastic ideas from his thread (Homesteading a newly-colonized planet, space-Vietnam, a "Witness Protection" plot, etc) but he just needs a few people to let him know what their availability is so he can figure out a schedule for the game!




Guild Logo

Guild Logo


The Undertaking


Speaking of Star Wars, if you play The Old Republic, you'll want to look into this guild posted on our Recruitment board. I don't know much about it, but it's obviously that Karivishal has put a lot of thought and work into the guild. Themes include Patriotism, Political Intrigue, Ritualism and War. Sounds like some deliciously Star Warsy drama to me!




Dark Brotherhood, The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG

Dark Brotherhood, The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG


Xbox or PS4 ESO RP

As one of the few people who makes Elder Scrolls RP videos (come on guys, let's see more of that!) I get a lot of inquiries from console players about where to find the RP scene. I always point them to TESO-RP.com, which has a section for console RPers to organize. However, I know that many are still searching. So if you have or are involved in an Xbox or PS4 roleplaying community guild, please email me at thehumanfloyd@gmail.com so I can point these folk in the right direction!


"Battle Ship" by  gongsang81

"Battle Ship" by gongsang81

Captain's Chair

Open Leadership Positions


Shadows of the Hist, The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG

Shadows of the Hist, The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG


Attention Xbox/PS4 ESO RP Guild Leaders!


Check out my post just above this cool boat and you'll see that you are desperately needed. If you run a roleplay guild of any kind in ESO on Xbox or PS4, please get a hold of me (here or at theumanfloyd@gmail.com) and I will help you promote your guild so your fellow console RPers can get what they want out of the game!




PnP Bootcamp Sergeant

Full Metal Jacket. Watch it.

Full Metal Jacket. Watch it.

Ma1function has been running a class on how to play Tabletop games online. He's looking for a brave soul to take over that job so he can begin a new class on DMing online tabletop games. As always, we try to help those who help us, and are open to a conversation about how we can do so if you're willing to help train the next generation of RPers!


Pokemon Tabletop DM


Innokha's Pokemon tabletop game has been incredibly successful. Mal is starting one as well but it's already full! We still have people banging down our door trying to get into an online Pokemon tabletop. If you'd be interested in running one, hit up Innokha or myself and we'll get you started and find you players!


Dedicated Forum RP


While The Old Orc's Conan the Barbarian RP is going incredibly well (and is a super fun read) I'd like to see at least one more dedicated forum RP going strong. If you like forum RP and are interested in running one, hit me up and we can chat about details! You can also go to the Creative Workshop to do some brainstorming or go straight to the Forum RP Recruitment section and start seeking players!



Imperial Academy of Carida, Star Wars

Imperial Academy of Carida, Star Wars


MMORPG Academy


This is an idea I've had for years but don't have the time to run myself. If you're an experienced RPer who enjoys bringing new people into our lovely world, consider helping me start a guild (on any game!) which is dedicated to just that. It could be organized in a few different ways, so I'd love to chat about it sometime and see if we can't get it off the ground! As always, my email is thehumanfloyd@gmail.com



Video Creator Apprenticeship

I've discovered firsthand the power of YouTube and videos in general. With a few more people out there making high-quality RP videos, I think we could do a lot to expand the RP world. If you're interested in learning how to edit, and have the dedication to stick with it, message me and we can talk about some kind of apprenticeship. :)

If you want to add an open game or leadership position to the next edition of Roleplay Passageway, then simply email me (thehumanfloyd@gmail.com) or post in the Roleplay Recruitment section of our forum!

Image Credits: Top Banner: Max Qin for Assassin's Creed