I know that creating and managing a guild site can be a hassle. As someone who loves to organize and coordinate with roleplayers, I also know how nice it is to have one. In addition to MMO, there are plenty of other types of RP that can benefit from a central hub of info and communication.


That's why RPHQ is now offering any type of RP group a space on our forum to conduct your business! We'll let you moderate it and you can keep it open for all to read or make it private so that only the people who you want to see it will see it!


This is a free service and our staff will be happy to help you in any way we can. I mean it when I say that RPHQ is our website, not mine.


There's no catch, but we do invite you to chat with us and share your art on the other boards as well!


If your guild, LARP group, forum/email RP collective or anything else would like a sub-board on our new section (titled Guild Halls) then just send me an email at thehumanfloyd@gmail.com or contact me via private messages!


Keep roleplaying.


~ Floyd


Banner Image: http://www.procraftersguild.com/