"Younglings, gather round, for I shall relate another tale of our people and of clan Kellas.” The grey-furred Cait Sith stretched and shook her tail, then settled back into her comfortable armchair. The fuzzy youngsters paid little attention, more interested in their games.

The grey one looked annoyed. “There will be plenty of time to play furball afterwards, when the sun sets warm and red. Today’s tale tells how we became Changed, aided by the Great Storms, and how we came to this Realm. We no longer submit to the will of the Furless Ones, but find perfection in our new form. As future leaders of our clan, always keep in mind the saying that those who do not know the past will never understand the future. So sit patiently and learn from this story!” This last she directed at a couple of younglings who had begun grabbing and kicking at one another in a playful fight.

She leaned back and began:

"Many, many moons ago, the Veil was pierced. Nobody knows by whom, how and why but that's when the Dragons came into this world, and the world itself was shattered, broken into many Islands.

The Depths opened it's dark gates and the angered Veil punished the mortals with fierce magical Veilstorms - turning any living being it touched into a mindless monster!

Many died, and the rare survivors were changed forever - giving birth to the races of Camelot and marking the Age of Becoming. As the ancient books tell us - "Each Becoming is connected with the cataclysmic First Breaking of the world and Malevolences that followed, often in quite tragic or dramatic ways. Still, in many of these stories, courage, sacrifice, or a pure heart triumph over evil. "

Slowly, the wounds were healed as the shattered world recovered and, in the times before the Great War, the Sword Brothers - Arthur Pendragon of Arthurians, Nuada Airgetlám of Tuatha Dé Danann and Sigurd the Dragonslayer of Vikings - built Camelot, the One True City that pulled the three Realms together in peace and harmony, just as it pulled the broken lands together.

These times are named the Golden Age. After many years of success, infighting began to tear the place apart, until in a great betrayal, the Second Breaking of the world occurred, and the world was torn apart...again. Who, or what, was the force behind the betrayal?

As Arthur gave the final salute to Camelot in flames and "Great holes tore open in the earth, and inexorably they began to swallow up the burning city as if they were alive", somewhere deep below "...within the bowels of the earth, laughter rumbled and echoed throughout The Depths."

...and that's how the Great War between brothers, between the three Realms, began."

The aged Cait Sith leaned back and stretched. The sun was low and warm; an excellent sunset for a nap. “And now, my younglings, you may go play more furball.”

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