Art the Lizard

Art is a freelance motion graphics specialist, 3D generalist and professional starving artist.

He survives on pizza, pringles and art. He does commission and specializes in putting RPG character ideas into the canvas. He loves drawing manga and cartoony stuff. Fell free to take a look inside... I dare you.



ARTTAiR (aka GrumpyVivec) specializes in stylized realism. His epic Fantasy and gritty Sci-Fi art capture the life and personalities of your characters! Open for commissions all day, every day! [Some NSFW]

Holly (aka H²) is not only a Jedi, but an artist! Her style varies from the more cartoon-like art you see above to highly detailed and realistic! She is open to commissions and is especially good at Star Wars art!


Kysras (aka Your Imaginary Twin)


Jak is perpetually working on multiple pieces at once; between more serious wildlife art and comic work, she finds character work and scene illustration both relaxing and a great way to push herself into new territory. Almost always up to discuss commissions, Jak's specialities are creatures and nonhuman characters.

Kysras (Your Imaginary Twin) is passionate about bringing a character to life, always communicating with her customers for the sake of an accurate illustration. She's confident to draw any type of character and won't rest easy until her customer is satisfied, although she specializes in fantastic, romantic atmospheres. Be careful not to get overwhelmed by text faces, though!




Specializing in stylized realism and doll-like creatures of questionable beauty, LemonSugar feels comfortable drawing any and all humanoids and characters of varying backgrounds.

Lesatho is a hobbyist artist with a love of color. She enjoys bringing both her own characters and the characters of others to life through a largely digital medium and enjoys experimenting with new styles and techniques whenever she can.




Luniara was raised on a diet full of art and comics. As an illustrator, she incorporates emotions into many pieces of her work and is inspired by her friends, artistic peers and of course, her fans. She is open for commission work every so often and specializes in both Star Wars and Warcraft.

Ravnie is an artist with a varying range of styles, while putting focus on realism. All details are important to her, even if a majority of them end up being happy accidents. Keep an eye for open commission slots, as they open up only every once in a while!





Renestia is a versatile artist who is great with scenery as well as character art. Her shading is very impressive and her colors are rich and powerful. She takes commissions and will work with you to find a style you like best!

SlayerSyrena is a concept and comic artist who lives in Texas with her loving husband and son, and many pets. When she's not working on concept art for Sacrament, she's drawing comics, writing her next book or playing her favorite Elder Scrolls games. Her fuel of choice is coffee, which she is in great need of most the time.




Jullian Greenman (aka Jubes or Sings-In-Shade) specializes in line work. He seeks to bring your RP characters to life by creating them in a style that one may see within the scrolls and journals of a fantasy setting. He takes commissions and is very good at Elder Scrolls character art!

Six is a freelance artist specialising in character design and illustration. With a love for texture and colour and a vice grip on her tablet pen she'll happily bring characters beyond the restrictions of a game world.


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